Spike All-In-One PRV

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Safety First, Beer Second. 

Introducing the All-In-One PRV (Pressure Relief Valve)! For a while now, we've seen some sketchy DIY set ups for pressure fermenting, spunding, etc. We listened to the market and created a pretty unique piece of equipment that puts your safety first without compromising on features or functionality. And when you're dealing with pressure, that's pretty damn important. 

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Detailed User Guide:
User Guide

-Adjustable pressure relief from 0-15psi
-Built in vacuum release
-1.5" tri-clamp connection
-(2) 1/4" NPT connections for gas post and pressure gauge
-Pressure gauge and ball lock gas post included
-Sanitizer cup with drain port
-Quick pressure relief plunger
-For use on up to 3bbl fermenters

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