Nomacorc Synthetic Wine Corks - 30 ct

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Nomacorcs® are made by a unique patented co-extrusion process that binds the interior & exterior sections of the cork by heat adhesion. Extrusion molding is a continuous process that provides a very consistent quality. Nomacorc® is simply a better closure because its small uniform closed cell structure creates a better barrier from oxygen & preserves the quality of your wine. This size chamfered cork is made exclusively for LD Carlson & the corks are printed with an attractive Spanish grape design. We recommend the use of any hand or floor corker with these corks.

Size Diameter
(in inches)
(in inches)
7fits splits & champagnes 13/16 1-1/2
8fits 'matues' & odd balls) 7/8 1-1/2
9 (fits wine bottles) 15/16 1-1/2
9 (fits wine bottles) 1 1-3/4

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