Monster Brite Plate Filter Gravity Flow

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Filter Pads: Coarse, Medium, Super-Sterile

The MonsterBrite Wine/Beer Plate Filter has two gaskets (O'Rings), perfectly sealing the inner ring with both plates.


  • Easy to assemble, has a unique fastening system, the filter plates have slots instead of holes.
  • The surface area of this filter will extract more yeast and particles than other commonly used filters.
  • The Wine/Beer Plate Filter requires 8.75" diameter pads (not included). For each filtering session you will require two filter pads, of the same micron.
  • For filtering you can use The Vintage Shop Pressurized 3 Gallon Tank, or any electric pump, or any other mechanism to push the wine/beer through the filter.


    • Q. Why Filter Beer or Wine?
      A. Filtered beer or wine has a sparkling commercial appearance. Filtered beer with little or no yeast content will also age differently, and will not pick up yeast flavours from the sediment in the bottle (or Keg).

    • Q. What is the main difference between this plate filter and the Cartridge filters?
      A.  The MonsterBrite Plate Filter has a large surface area that catches more yeast than the cartridge-type filters, and remove more haze causing particles. Besides, the filter pads are way cheaper than cartridges. You can also change to a fine filter pads if you really want to polish your wine or beer,or simply use a coarse filter pad to remove big particles.

    • Q. Can I use a CO2 pressure tank to push beer through the Filter?
      A. Yes. Check with your retailer what extra hardware may be required.

  • Q. Will this filter work with gravity?
    A. Yes. This filter will work by gravity feed.
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