FT Rouge Berry - 0.5 Oz

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Scott'Tan Fermentation Tannin Rouge Berry

Scott'Tan FT Rouge Berry is a proprietary blend of condensed tannins extracted from the wood of red berry fruit trees. Used during alcoholic fermentation in combination with certain yeast strains like Lalvin 71B-1122, FT Rouge Berry allows for the development of enhanced red berry characteristics. The resulting wine may have intense aromas of cherry, strawberry and blueberry which compliment other varietal aromas as well as those produced during fermentation. FT Rouge Berry can also promote the stabilization of color, enhance mouth feel and prevent oxidation of the primary aromas.

If used post fermentation, wait 3-6 weeks before racking, fining, filtering or bottling. Dissolve in 10 times its weight in water before adding directly on grapes at the crusher or to the must 24-48 hours after inoculation.

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