FT Blanc Soft 1 Oz

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Fermentation Tannin Soft Blanc

Designed for white, rose', fruit wines and meads, FT Blanc Soft is a specially formulated, colorless tannin derived from Gall Nuts. Fermentations with FT Blanc Soft are characterized by softness and improved mouthfeel. White and Rose' wines have enhanced texture and a perception of sweetness on the palate without contributing any sugars along with low-level, beneficial minerality. Similar improvements are seen with fruit wines and meads.

When used at the beginning of fermentation, FT Blanc Soft helps provide protection from oxidation allowing more of the wine's delicate aromas and flavors to be preserved. These highly-bindable tannins can be added to your wine at any stage. Their benefits include increased structure and mouthfeel, color stabilization, anti-oxidative qualities and overall complexity. Tannins can reduce vegetal/herbaceous characteristics and perceived astringency. FT Blanc Soft can also be used as an aging tannin post fermentation.


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