French Heavy Toast Infusion Oak Spiral - 2 pack

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French Oak shows a perceived aromatic sweetness and full mouthfeel. It is characterized by a fruity, cinnamon, allspice, n utmeg, and vanilla character. As the toast levels increased, the fruitiness changes from fresh to jammy, and from jammy to cooked fruit or raisin in character. French oak contributions can be characterized as custard or crème brûlée, milk chocolate, and campfire/roasted coffee notes. Campfire and roasted coffee notes increase with the toast level.

The spiral shape with its increased surface area accelerates the extraction rate. Use 1 spiral for 3 gallons of wine. Maximum extraction is achieved in six weeks. For a milder oak character, remove the spiral sooner. Spirals can be snapped into smaller portions to achieve desired flavor intensity. 2 spirals per pack.

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