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Organic yeast nutrient; OMRI listed

Fermaid O™ is a blend of highly specific inactivated yeast fractions that are rich in assimilable amino acids (organic nitrogen). It's amino acid profile is highly consistent. Though Fermaid O does not supply a lot of Measurable YAN, it is a highly effective nutrient. It reliably lowers peak fermentation temperatures, produces lower levels of negative sulfur compounds, and improves fermentation kinetics. Organic nitrogen use has been correlated with positive aromatic expression (thiols and esters) and mouthfeel.

Fermaid O does not contain any DAP or supplemented micro-nutrients. For optimal results, Fermaid O should be used in conjunction with Go-Ferm Protect Evolution™ rehydration nutrient.

Recommended Use: 
Fermentation health and enhanced aroma production

Recommend Dosage: 
10-40 g/hL | 0.83-3.3/1000 gal
Please see our Fermentation Nutrition Guide for more information.
*Measureable YAN at 40g/hL: 16ppm
*YAN equivalents at 40g/hL: 64-96ppm

Suspend Fermaid O in water or juice/must and mix well before adding, especially during fermentation to avoid CO2 release and overflowing of the vessel.

Dated expiration. Store at 18°C (65°F). Once opened, keep tightly sealed and dry.

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