Diam II (Altec) Winery Grade Corks 9 X 1.75

Sale price$12.99


Developed for the wine industry to address cork inconsistency, random oxidation, and leakage. These corks are made from Suberin, the purest part of cork that is blended with a proprietary polymer which enhances the natural elasticity & sealing properties of the cork. The corks are symmetrical & totally natural in appearance. They are ideally suited for use with wines that are intended for enjoyment at least 12-18 months after bottling. Bottles can be put on their side immediately after corking.

Size Diameter
(in inches)
(in inches)
7fits splits & champagnes 13/16 1-1/2
8fits 'matues' & odd balls) 7/8 1-1/2
9 (fits wine bottles) 15/16 1-1/2
9 (fits wine bottles) 1 1-3/4

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