Brew Belt 68-75 F

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The Brewer's Best/Vintner's Best Brew Belt will help you maintain a constant fermentation temperature of 68-75 degrees F which is ideal for all of your fermenting beverages (beer, wine, cider, or mead).  Designed to wrap around most primary (up to 10 gallon) or secondary fermenters and carboys. Environments in your home may not be ideal for keeping your fermenter at the perfect temperature. The Brew Belt is here to help. It will maintain a constant temperature for up to 8 days. 15W. Comes with two spring sizes to fit most fermenters.

Great for winter time basement brewing and wine making. The manufacturer states they should not be used on glass but experienced brewers have had no problems with glass carboys in good condition (no cracks). Some key product notes are: The lower the belt is positioned on the fermenting container the higher the must temperature will rise. The belt should not be left plugged in for more then 8 days in a row.

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