Bacchus Batches 5 Gallon Beer Kits

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Showing 25 - 43 of 43 products

Showing 25 - 43 of 43 products
Maggie's Brown Ale (Southern English Brown Ale)
Mocha Latte Porter (Robust Porter with Chocolate)
Nutcastle Brown (Northern English Brown Ale)
Oak Sprited Porter
Bacchus and Barleycorn Oak Sprited Porter
Sale price$54.99
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Bacchus and Barleycorn Oktoberfest
Sale price$53.99
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P. Dunkel Wheatley
Bacchus and Barleycorn P. Dunkel Wheatley
Sale price$53.99
In stock
Porter Van Coffee (Robust Coffee, Vanilla Porter)
Poughkeepsie Porter
Prohibited Pils
Bacchus and Barleycorn Prohibited Pils
Sale price$49.50
In stock
Raspberry Wheat
Bacchus and Barleycorn Raspberry Wheat
Sale price$69.99
Re-stocking soon
Shawnee Midnight Ale (Dark Ale)
Smoked Honey Porter (Smoked Brown Porter)
Spice of Life (Winter Warmer Holiday Ale)
Summer Breeze (Kolsch)
Bacchus and Barleycorn Summer Breeze (Kolsch)
Sale price$55.50
Re-stocking soon
Topeka Steam (California Common)
Wammo (American Pilsner)
Bacchus and Barleycorn Wammo (American Pilsner)
Sale priceFrom $36.39
In stock
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Bacchus and Barleycorn Wheat/Weizen
Sale price$39.99
Re-stocking soon
Wit's Up (Belgian Wit)
Bacchus and Barleycorn Wit's Up (Belgian Wit)
Sale price$59.99
Re-stocking soon

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