Humulus Clouds (American IPA)

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With Humulus lupulus (the botanical name for hops) throughout, Humulus Clouds tastes and smells like it has been raining hops. The hops exhibit the traditional citrus flavor and aroma of grapefruit and lemon. Humulus Clouds has a great head and wonderful hop flavor with slightly stronger malt to stand up to all the hops. The malt profile is easy going with hops lingering on the palate of this refreshing brew.

Humulus Clouds contains:

  • 9 lbs Malt extract
  • 3 lb of milled grain for mini mashing
  • Hops
  • Priming sugar
  • Fining agents
  • Lalbrew Verdant IPA Ale Yeast

                            Each Bacchus Batches kit is formulated to produce a specific style of beer. Since the quantity and alpha acid in hops vary sometimes significantly from one year to the next or from one bale to the next we adjust the varieties and amounts of hops in Bacchus Batches kit to provide consistent results.

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