Dear Abbey (Belgian Dubbel)

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As a means of raising funds some Belgian Monasteries commission commercial brewers to make beers for them or license their names and they generally offer the same styles of beers as produced by the Trappist Monasteries. These beers are identified as Abbey Beers. These beers are known for the malt complexity and fruity esters.

The Dear Abbey Kit contains:

  • Malt extract
  • Belgian Candi sugar
  • 2 lbs of milled specialty grain
  • Hops
  • Spices
  • Priming sugar
  • Fining agents 
  • Lalbrew Abbaye Ale Yeast

            Each Bacchus Batches kit is formulated to produce a specific style of beer. Since the quantity and alpha acid in hops vary sometimes significantly from one year to the next or from one bale to the next we adjust the varieties and amounts of hops in Bacchus Batches kit to provide consistent results.

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