Grape season is upon us again and we have finalized the prices for this year's harvest. If you are interested in buying grapes from California this season, you can fill out this order form: 2022 California Grape Order Form.  If you are uncomfortable with that format, feel free to call (913) 962-2501 or email ( me with your questions/orders.

***We do NOT ship grapes, it is fresh produce and we take great care to get them to Kansas in optimal conditions right from the vineyard, so to ensure quality, we have one pickup window.***

Are you just interested and would like to be included in the correspondence emails every year? Tell us you are interested in California Grapes Here. There will be more information on what to expect and instructions on how to carry out the fermentation later on the page.  

**If you've ordered grapes through us before, you are no stranger to how many moving parts there are in this process. For people ordering for the first time: Grape availability can change up until the order ships from California. This is just the nature of working with fresh produce. We may call you to see if you'd like to substitute any grapes/juice that become unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances. Thank you in advance for your understanding.**

2022 California Red Wine
Estimated Grape Prices
Varietal Lug 33#
6 gal Pail
Alicante $61.50 $100.00
Barbera $63.00 $100.00
Cabernet Franc $63.00 N/A
Cabernet Sauvignon $68.50 $105.50
Grenache $60.00 N/A
Malbec $59.50 N/A
Merlot (Lodi Premium) $62.00 $99.00
Montepulciano N/A $99.00
Nebbiolo N/A $99.00
Petite Sirah $68.50 $105.50
Pinot Noir $69.00 $106.00
Sangiovese $65.00 $99.00
Syrah $65.00 $99.00
Tempranillo $60.00 N/A
Zinfandel, Old Vines $65.00 $102.00
Varietal Lug 33#
6 gal Pail
Chablis N/A $94.00
Chardonnay N/A $98.00
Chenin Blanc N/A $94.00
Gewurztraminer N/A $97.00
J Riesling N/A $99.00
Malvasia Bianca N/A $98.00
Muscat N/A $97.00
Pinot Grigio N/A $101.00
Sauvignon Blanc N/A $99.00
Semillion N/A $97.00
Viognier N/A $97.00
Zinfandel Blush N/A $97.00
Pure culture liquid yeast starters will be available by special
order for only $7.50 in the following varieties: Chablis,
Rudesheimer, Chianti, Champagne, Bordeaux, Zinfandel
And Chateau Red.
Wyeast Malo Lactic culture will also be available by special
order for $10.99. Please place your yeast and ML orders
When ordering your grapes.
Order deadline: 8:00pm, Wednesday, August 31st
As the grapes mature, dates and availability are subject to change.
Anticipated delivery: Saturday, September 17th or Saturday, September 24th with pick-up 12:00-6:00


  • Don't worry, we're here to help! We operate a crusher/destemmer all day long on pickup day, so all you need to do is bring a bucket large enough to fit your order! We do all the testing and give you the information so you have the best possible chance of success. We test for Titratable Acidity, pH, Brix, and Specific Gravity.
  • Seventeen pounds (~1/2 lug) of wine grapes will yield approximately one gallon of juice. 100 pounds of wine grapes (approx. 3 lugs) will make approximately seven gallons of first run wine requiring at least fifteen gallons of primary fermenter capacity. 
  • 1 Pail of juice is 6 gallons pre fermentation. ( You will get 28-30 bottles out of a pail)
  • Grapes only fermentation instructions
  • Juice only fermentation instructions
  • Grapes & Juice fermentation instructions
  • Malolactic Fermentation


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